Welcome to Whale Cove, a small traditional Inuit community set amid the spectacular beauty of the Kivalliq region of the Canadian Arctic.  In its pristine setting of rolling hills, wild beaches, and many lakes and rivers, the traditions of Inuit are everywhere.

Whale Cove is located on the western coast of Hudson Bay, north of Arviat and south of Kivalliq’s central community, Rankin Inlet.  It is named for the abundance of Beluga whales that congregate in nearby waters every fall.  The community is also known as Tikirarjuaq, meaning “the long point of the peninsula” or “place where many gather” in Inuktitut, the Inuit language.  The symbolic Whale’s Tail monument, built in 1967, overlooks the community and represents its rich traditional values.

Today, Whale Cove maintains the Inuit culture and lifestyle.  Walk around town and you can still see people wearing handmade traditional clothing, carving bone, antler or soapstone, and sewing clothing from animal hides.  Seasons inspire most activities for our 427 residents.  From April to June, you can find the people of Whale Cove at the many nearby lakes and rivers fishing for award-winning lake trout and world-renowned Arctic char.  The annual fishing derby is a time-honoured tradition that brings people from all over the region to compete for the biggest lake trout.  June to August finds many families taking advantage of endless days, camping on the land, hunting for seals or whales, or swimming at Old Water Lake.  From August to October, you find many women picking succulent cloudberries or blackberries, and sewing parkas and wind pants in preparation for winter.

During the long winter months, community feasts, games, square dancing and other community gatherings keep the community connected and entertained.

Beautiful scenery surrounds Whale Cove.  Enjoy a walk on the beach, or take a day trip and enjoy a picnic on the plush mossy tundra or at a nearby lake.  Watch the Northern Lights dancing across the night sky.  Keep your eyes and ears open for wildlife – Siksiks, Arctic hares, fox, caribou, wolf and polar bears are commonly spotted within and near the community.

Whale Cove has a modern school, health centre, RCMP detachment, municipal office, community hall, cooperative store, and a local radio station.  Stay in comfort at the Issatik hotel and enjoy country food or southern cuisine at its restaurant.  Arrange for local guides and outfitters at the local co-op or through the Hunting and Trapping Association.   Our friendly residents are always happy to see new faces in town and are always willing to help you find your way around.  Flights arrive Monday to Sunday from Winnipeg, Manitoba through Rankin Inlet on Calm Air and First Air.

We look forward to seeing you!